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Foreign Food: Paella in Valencia

On our vacation in Valencia we were looking forward to eat some paella. Did you know paella is originally a Valencian dish? We only had a couple of days in Valencia, so I… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Portuguese pastéis de nata

When I’m abroad I always try some local food, to see if I like it. I was very curious about the Portuguese food because I never heard anything about it. It turns out… Continue reading

Foreign Drink: Spanish Cava

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine, that can be white or rosé. I really like this drink it was very sweet! Spanish people drink it at celebrations and parties but it’s delicious too… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Scottish Cranachan

When I was in Scotland we did all kinds of Scottish things like playing Highland Games, taste whisky and try out Scottish food. One of the Scottish dishes we had was this dessert… Continue reading

Foreign Drink: Spanish Sangria

When you visit Spain, you have to try some Sangria! Sangria is a typical drink that is not only popular in Spain but also in Portugal. Sangria is made from wine, chopped fruit, a… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Scones in England

After spending the day shopping in the city of York in England, we stopped by a cute tea house to eat some scones. A scone is a small kind of bread or cake… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Traditional Thai BBQ

Krua Supan in Koh Phangan (I’m not sure if this place is named Krua Supan) is one of the best restaurants I had dinner at in my whole trip to Thailand. I only… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Scottish haggis, a dish made of intestines

It looks good but when I was in Edinburgh I  probably had the most distasteful dish of my life. No, offence to the people of Scotland, because it did taste good! I just… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Aperitivo in Milan

After shopping in Milan we got a little hungry so we got in the car and we went to Ripa Di Porta Ticinese. It’s a street with a canal and all kind of… Continue reading

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