Hollywood Walk of Fame

  Walk of Fame De Walk of Fame stond altijd hoog op mijn bucketlist. Een van onze eerste stops in L.A. was dan ook de Hollywood Boulevard. We hebben onze auto in een… Continue reading

Route 66 in Arizona

Route 66, de meest beroemde weg van de wereld. We wilden vroeg vertrekken vanuit Palm Springs naar Flagstaff, want met Route 66 erbij is het zo’n acht tot negen uur rijden. We zaten… Continue reading

Helikoptervlucht over de Grand Canyon vanaf Las Vegas

Onze  wekker ging al om 03.45 en om 04.20 werden we bij ons hotel in Las Vegas opgehaald voor de helikoptervlucht over de Grand Canyon. We hadden de vlucht geboekt bij Papillon Helicopters.… Continue reading

Road trip: West-America 2014

Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I just came back from a road trip across four states in the United States. It was the best holiday of my life, every day was impressive! We’ve… Continue reading

Nature: The 7 tiered Erawan Waterfall

When we traveled to Kanchanaburi in Thailand, the Erawan waterfalls were on our wish list. There are seven waterfall levels and you can walk all the way up the mountain to see them… Continue reading

3 reasons I don’t like Tuk Tuks

So I took a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok and it wasn’t really a pleasant ride. I was coming out of the sky train and I wanted to walk to Wat Pho but it… Continue reading

Foreign Food: Paella in Valencia

On our vacation in Valencia we were looking forward to eat some paella. Did you know paella is originally a Valencian dish? We only had a couple of days in Valencia, so I… Continue reading

Art: LX Factory Lisbon

When I was in Lisbon a lot of people told us we had to go to LX Factory. We took the metro to LX Factory, it is right outside Lisbon, located under the… Continue reading

Hotel: Dalhousie Castle, sleeping like a princess

There is no better way to make you feel more like a princess then sleeping in a castle. Yes, I admit it my childhood dream of being a princess is still there sometimes.… Continue reading

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